Are you ready

for a major breakthrough

in your career and business?

“Breaking the Glass Ceiling” is an exceptional one-to-one online coaching program which offers a holistic transformation and reprogramming of emotional and mental structures in you brain. It is a one of the kind program based on the latest researches on brain neuroplasticity and mental programming. The results are spectacular, but breakthrough will not happen within a few days. You have to be ready to commit to six months of intense work! This is the time required to get the sustained change in your mental and emotional structures. If you want to become the Leader which others will follow, be ready to take a massive action!

If you are ready to commit, here’s what you’ll achieve step by step

Step 1

Female Nature & Emotionality

You will understand the source of your emotional reactions and gain more emotional awareness. Thanks to that, you will be able to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety before important meetings, presentations, and interviews. You will learn to manage and direct your emotions into a more calm and confident state, and to pull yourself out of unnecessary emotional pits, without feeling frustration, bitterness or resentment towards colleagues, supervisors, and managers.

Step 2

Awake Your Feminine Power

You will discover the unknown role of your femininity and sexuality. This is the very core upon which our entire lives are built! Therein lies your strength, confidence, and authentic power. You might be shocked to discover how your attitude towards sexuality and your body plays such a huge role in your professional life.

Step 3

Increase self-confidence

You will get the courage to raise a hand to present your idea, talk openly and confidently in meetings and give a public speech. You will reprogram your brain – instead of using artificial techniques to hide your stress and lack of confidence, you will simply become a self-confident, powerful woman. You will enjoy greater audacity and assertiveness in your business conversations with male colleagues, especially those in higher positions.

Step 4

The presence of a Leader

Your body communicates much more than your words! You will know the power of the body language (which is much more neuroscience, than just a self-presentation skill!). And by practicing this, people will start to perceive you differently, as an expert in your field. You will be seen as a true professional even while facing problematic decisions or fronting emotionally difficult situations. Your body will be demonstrating your stable, leadership personality.

Step 5

Think like a Leader

You will learn how to overcome judgmental and criticizing way of thinking. You will start to like your colleagues more when you stop judging them, and this will transform into beautiful, cooperative, positive relationships. What is more, you will put an end to negative dialogue and self-obstruction thoughts such as “I’m not good enough to ask for a promotion” or “I don’t deserve a salary raise”. You will learn to manage your thoughts, and thanks to that you will have fewer dilemmas and internal conflicts.

Step 6

Speak like a Leader

You will learn to listen in a way that makes others want to talk to you and talk in a way that makes others want to listen to you. Your communication will be non-violent, assertive and supportive. And you will learn the language of a leader – an art of persuasion. You will discover the many miracles that happen when you pay attention to linguistics – life is changing because you’re changing its vocabulary!

Step 7

Act like a Leader

You will learn to make decisions emotionlessly and objectively. As a result, your choices and decisions within the workplace will be understood by others and perceived as just and fair. You will get a time management mastery and learn to make all kinds of decisions – even the most difficult ones – in a timely and effective manner. What is more, you will understand the nature of disputes and that allows you to become a no-conflict person.

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