An in-depth coaching program exclusively designed for businesswomen who won’t stop ’til they reach the top

You sense there’s something in your way – something holding you back

And now you want to attack it

Time to address the problem right from the core

Breaking the Glass Ceiling is a program rooted in the strong belief that simply learning new soft skills or leadership techniques is not enough to solve your problems or break through your barriers.

I know you already have all the essential skills and knowledge that you need to be on top. In fact, studies show that, in comparison to men, women obtain more college and graduate degrees, and have a higher emotional intelligence. Women are equally competent to men, but they are often missing this “X factor” that separates the successful leaders from the followers.

If you’re already equipped with everything you need, why do you still hit your head on this invisible ceiling?

To shatter it, you need a deep transformation of your personality and a complete reprogramming of your emotional and mental structures. My holistic approach to business coaching encompasses a very special element – one that’s other coaching programs left in the shadows: your femininity and sexuality. This is the very core upon which our entire lives are built! You might be shocked to discover how your attitude towards sexuality and your body plays such a huge role in your professional life.

Breaking the glass ceiling is impossible without a holistic transformation of your personality

Why? You’re a woman. You’re different from men. And that’s a good thing! (You just may not know it yet).

Take it back a notch

From a mental perspective, there are two primary distinctions:

  1. Your emotionality
  2. Your sexuality

For centuries, our cultures, societies and religions have been perpetuating rooted patterns of emotional reactions, while simultaneously suppressing our feminine power. We need the opposite. Many emotional reaction patterns don’t serve you in today’s world and these subconscious tendencies are holding you back. You probably have no idea how to draw strength from your sexuality, and if you’re like many women, you feel punished for doing so!

These are just a few examples of why you’re struggling with your contrived illusion of a glass ceiling.

You wear many hats

“Businessperson” is just one of the many roles you play. Another is simply being a “woman”. These two roles can’t be separated from one another. On the contrary, who you are in your professional life depends and is conditioned by your female personality. To make a positive business change, you must first transform yourself into A NEW TYPE OF WOMAN – not one conditioned by culture, society and religion.

How your personality can interfere

There are hundreds of situations where your attitude towards co-workers or business-related decisions is determined by non-professional aspects of your personality.

Ask yourself:

  • Can I bravely present my point of view to the “man-boss” or male coworkers, even if I’m shy around men and I perceive my sexuality as a problem and a discomfort?
  • How can I avoid conflicts in my work environment if I have an antagonistic or contentious nature?
  • If I perceive other women as my enemies or rivals, how can I avoid acting rude, catty or competitive towards my female coworkers?

Total transformation is the only way

Otherwise, sooner or later your previous attitudes, values and behaviours will take the upper hand. And you’ll never stop hitting that pesky glass ceiling.

How my model of transformation will help you smash the glass ceiling

I offer a deep transformation that benefits you in all the essential areas of your professional life. But don’t be surprised if, as a side effect, you become a better partner, a better mother, a better friend…a better woman! This transformation gives you the ability to evolve who you are because all those stereotypes and negative opinions about women won’t fit you or your actions anymore. And results will come sooner than you expect.

Your most important OUTCOMES

1. You will reduce stress, tension and anxiety before important meetings, presentations and interviews. You will have the courage to raise a hand to present your idea, talk openly and confidently in meetings and give a public speech. You will enjoy greater audacity and assertiveness in your business conversations with male colleagues, especially those in higher positions.

2. You will gain awareness of your emotional reactions so you can pull yourself out of unnecessary emotional pits, without being mean or unfriendly. That means fewer bursts of anger, less frustration, and less bitterness or resentment towards colleagues, supervisors and managers. You won’t let a temporary poor mood allow you to show stress or tension towards coworkers and team members, further demonstrating your stable, leadership personality.

3. You will be a new person – the best version of yourself, the woman you want to be and the leader you’ve always dreamed of. And because of this your brain chemistry will change (this is a scientific fact!). For example, instead of using artificial techniques to hide your stress and lack of confidence, you will simply become a self-confident, relaxed leader. Other people will start to perceive you differently, as an expert in your field. They will begin to treat you more seriously and think of you as an equal partner.

4. Your choices and decisions within the workplace will be understood by others and perceived as just and fair. You will be seen as a true professional in situations where an unfavourable past or close intimacy with another doesn’t affect your behaviours and decisions. And you will discover how to effectively make all kinds of decisions – even the most difficult ones – in a timely and effective manner.

5. You will start to like your colleagues more when you stop judging them, and this will transform into beautiful, cooperative, positive relationships. On the flipside, your coworkers, team members and superiors will start to perceive you in a better light. They’ll also like you more because your entire energy will be different.

6. With time, you will stop making hurtful, sometimes even sexist comments about yourself. You’ll put an end to self-obstruction thoughts such as “I’m not good enough to ask for a promotion” or “I don’t deserve a salary raise”. You will never feel like an impostor again!

7. You will become a no-conflict person. People will have more confidence in you because you will be able to listen in a way that makes others want to talk to you, and talk in a way that makes others want to listen to you. You will become better able to deal with work and personal life animosities. You’ll know how to come to terms with something that goes wrong. These are among the most critical attributes of a successful leader.

8. You will have fewer dilemmas and internal conflicts. You will learn the comfort of living in harmony with yourself and with the knowledge that you are not used by anyone or forced to do anything, and that you can play life and business according to YOUR rules, not someone else’s. Instead of doing what you think you ‘must’ do or what you ‘have to’ do, you will start choosing what you ‘want’, ‘can’ and ‘need’. You will discover the many miracles that happen when you pay attention to linguistics.

9. You’ll be more convincing, with exceptional self-agency and assertiveness, knowing that your every action is on purpose and generated by you. It’s up to you to decide your professional path, your career and your desired position. The steering wheel is in your hands. There’s a sky of possibilities above you – not a ceiling you can’t break through.

So if you’re ready to…

Change a lot in yourself, not just learn new skills

• Modify some of your thinking patterns and many of the beliefs you take for granted

• Alter your basic and natural emotional reactions

• Transform your attitude towards other women and men, and your own femininity

• Reprogram your brain

• Increase your self-consciousness

This program is for you!

Catapult your career and reach your dreams

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