Dr. Anna Kaminska

Executive Coach for Businesswomen

A Quick Snapshot

I am a Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, international speaker and radio show expert with a doctoral degree and a background in law and psychology. For 10 years, I was a construction and real estate lawyer in Europe, working 70-hour weeks in a male dominated field. Successful? Absolutely. But amidst that success, there was disrespect and inequality. And this is what led me on a journey of self-discovery that eventually uncovered the why behind my feelings of inadequacy, doubt and unfulfillment.

Those feelings are now far gone and my mind is renewed with a fresh perspective. Now I’m here to help other women achieve the same.

The Unabbreviated Version

I was born and raised in Poland. My whole life I wanted to be a lawyer. Not only was I personally drawn to the career, but also people in my life were continually telling me how perfectly suited I was to the profession. And for nearly a decade, it appeared as though they were right…

I received a law and psychology degree from the University of Warsaw, with a minor focus in philosophy. I completed an apprenticeship to become a member of the Bar in Poland, received a PhD in law and studied English Law at Cambridge University. I officially became a lawyer in 2007 and worked at esteemed firms in Poland.

But over time, it became undoubtedly apparent that I was unfulfilled. So I invested in a life coach.

My journey to get to where I am today

When my coach and I first began our sessions, I was looking for an answer to a very specific question: why is this glass ceiling blocking me and how can I break it?

I worked hard to find out what obstructed my path, what limited me and how I could become better.

I discovered the reasons why I sometimes hit this glass ceiling – the reasons were inside me, not outside. 

Throughout the coaching process, one by one I began to answer critical questions for myself… What is holding me back? What is the source of the glass ceiling effect? Is there anything I can do differently? How I can change myself to get what I want? What’s my purpose?

Together, we uncovered that my key interests and skills revolved around people, psychology, relationships and behaviour. This was my true passion. There was a new path for me.

And that feeds right into my compelling vision and mission today:

  • To help women reach the top and be leaders
  • To teach women how NOT to be limited by the glass ceiling
  • To transform subordinate personalities into leader personalities.

I decided to leave law and move into the professional and personal coaching space. I attended coaching school and became a certified coach. I started my business and created my own professional development and personal transformation program exclusively designed for seasoned businesswomen: Breaking the Glass Ceiling. I also began working at a university, teaching young professionals social and leadership skills essential to business success. Every day, I am excited to wake up (some nights I can’t even sleep because my head spins with all the new ideas I want to put into action).

I feel how different my life is. I’m living my best life NOW – not postponing it for the future. Not only am I a changed professional within the workforce, but I’m also a changed person within society. My thoughts are different. My actions are different. My perceptions are different. And it’s because of those changes that I have better relationships, better clients, more happiness and greater success.


It’s also what proved to me that the “glass ceiling” is nothing more than an illusion.

You can see it too

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