There is a way to the top

Embark on an exciting journey of professional and personal transformation to smash the glass ceiling

Dr. Anna Kaminska, Executive Coach

CEO of Cambridge Leadership Centre, UK

Breaking the Glass Ceiling is a unique, meaningful coaching program exclusively designed for businesswomenIt’s much more than typical business coaching which focusing only on learning new soft skills or mastering leadership techniques.

I know you already have the knowledge and skills necessary to be on top. I also know why you are not there yet, and what kind of breakthrough is inevitable for you to get the position you deserve and desire!

I go right to the root of your perceived “glass ceiling” and challenge you to recognize that in order to achieve positive change in business, you need to first change yourself. As we work together, you will experience a deep transformation of your personality and a new understanding of the power of your femininity. With the techniques based on the latest researches on brain neuroplasticity, you will reprogram your emotional and mental structures which hold you back and actually block your career.

And the end result…

You become the best version of yourself: a powerful woman and new-generation LEADER with the personality, confidence, and mindset to compete with men and reach the top – even in a male-dominated workplace.

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